Our Team

The Team presents itself!

My name is Manfred Mönnighoff, I am the founder and director of Aldeas de Paz. For more than 18 years I had been working in the area of child and youth care in Venezuela and from 2015 on in the Dominican Republic.


Of my passion for cultural exchange and social work, I love to bring people from all over the world together, to promote peaceful coexistence and to stand up for social justice. For me the Volunteers and Staff, working for Aldeas de Paz, are the heart of the organization.


I appreciate the privilege to live in one of the Caribbean Islands surrounded by the rhythm of the Caribbean music. I enjoy the warm and cheerful attitude of the Dominicans and the beautiful scenery is just another highlight. I love to spend my spare time with my daughter and doing sports, sailing or kite surfing.


To enjoy the country and the people and to return something significant to them is the most ingenious form of existence for me!







Hello my name is Yunior Rodriguez Medina I am 22 years old and grew up in Samana. I work for the Aldeas de Paz foundation as the coordinator at Mama Elba School. It is a school that works with children who have special needs.


Our vision is to accompany children along part of their lives to enable them to integrate into society. In our province does not exist any school or institution which takes care of children with special needs. This is the reason why part of my aim is to help these children to find their way into society and to enjoy a brighter future. In the school we consider the needs and requirement of each and every child. We concentrate on educating them, doing exercises and we let them choose on which domain they like to specialise in.


Another task of mine is helping the volunteers with any challenges they face in their new home, especially communication barriers.


For me it is a privilege to be part of this foundation and being able to help others I enjoy most.







Hola! Hello! Hallo!


My name is Julia and I am from Germany. I have been working for Aldeas de Paz since June 2016 as a coordinator for the volunteers. What I like most about the work is the diversity - every day is different and will bring new surprises. Working with volunteers is a pleasure for me, above all I did a volunteer service by myself in Ecuador.


In the Dominican Republic I appreciate most the friendly people, especially here in Samana. In addition the unlimited possibilities at work and in the free time are unique like the wonderful beaches around the town.


Come and enjoy your volunteer service with us!