Medical Clinic providing Hope for Inmates

Doctor Olga Moquette is leading a program to establish a health clinic inside the local prison "La Fortaleza" in Samaná.

Prisoners in this facility only have access to medical care if they can afford to go the hospital. If prisoners have no money, they will not receive medical care and are left to die. Doctor Moquette hopes to open this clinic soon and provide basic medical care to prisoners so they will not die in prison of easily treatable conditions. The prisoners live in deplorable conditions and denied basic human rights.

This clinic will aide in restoring their rights. Doctors from the local hospital have already agreed to provide their services in the clinic. The clinic needs a face lift to make the space usable and clean, and basic medical equipment. In the last year, several inmates have died due to lack of medical care in the prison. We are hopeful we can raise the necessary funds to make this clinic a reality, and provide hope and medical care to the inmates.

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